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Standing Split Pose

Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana

IMG 9002 225x300 Yoga Pose   Standing Splits

Standing Split is a pose that helps increase flexibility in the legs, can help a practitioner become more aware of the rotation of his/her hips, and may also work to improve balance.

To practice Standing Split, start in Virabhadrasana III. Engage your core to slowly lower your hands to the floor. Become aware of the hip on the leg that is raised...

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Guest Post by Kristie Bistline from Stringbeans Lifestyle

A gorgeous, sunny, perfectly-tempered day where Mother Nature is in a great mood is screaming for runners and cyclists.  On the day I have in mind I headed out with two friends to enjoy the day and a nice run.  Montgomery being the small town it is, I will use fake names just to save face but knowing them, they will read this and scream, “that’s ME!!”

Bo, Kat and I started out on what was set to be...

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Guest Post by Mimi Coker, Health Coach & Pilates Instructor

What would you say if someone told you that you can absolutely have a body you love, without struggling, depriving or shaming yourself?

As women, so much emphasis is put on our appearance, particularly the size and shape of our bodies. We are bombarded by messages from the media, telling us that we need to be prettier, thinner, younger, etc...

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Guest Post by Amber Peconga, Yoga/Powerbodyz Instructor & Resident Triathlon expert!

Your child has decided they want to participate in a triathlon…now what?!?  As with any new sport your child wants to try, the most important thing you can do as a parent is to remind them that sports are all about fun, and triathlon is no exception.  It’s also fun for the entire family, watching your child experience their first triathlon (or even their 30th) is al...

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